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If you are searching for the most wanted criminals in Pennsylvania or you just want to know in order to protect yourself or your family, or in case you have come across a most wanted who has not reported in and would like to authorize the authorities you can try some of the sources below to help you. Board of Probation and County Sheriff's Office are two main sources where you can start your search and investigation. Pennsylvania County Sheriff's keep a list of most wanted criminals and Board of Probation has a system for searching the list of criminal parolees who were supposed to report in and have failed to do so. To keep yourself and your family safe you might want to occasionaly check the most wanted or other criminal lists provided in your county.

Pennsylvania Board of Probation Search

If you would like to report a parolee who has failed to report in you can find more information on the Board of Probation site or contact them at 800.932.4857 or contact the Board by email at You should never try to aprehend anyone yourself, alert the authorities. There are usually to lists one with photos and another without photos. The list without photos has other identifying informaiton such name, birthdate, height and weight, haircolor, eye color, race it also includes parole number and release date and the county.

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