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County Sheriff Offices

Pennsylvania County Sheriff's office provides not only services for public safety but provides information about jails, inmates, county prisons, prisoner visitation etc. If you need to see list of most wanted criminals or sex offenders county sheriff office is the place to start your search. Sheriff's office also provides services such as serving legal documents, warrants.

Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Department Roles, Responsibilities, and Services

Welcome to the premier information page concerning the roles, responsibilities, and services offered by the assorted sheriff’s departments in the state of Pennsylvania. Within we will discuss the important services that each county-based office has to offer.
General Information
While the exact amount of service members may vary from county to county, each office will have a sheriff, a deputy sheriff, and a number of deputies and assorted support personnel. This may and often does include fleet staff (who maintains the patrol vehicles), and a variety of investigative services.  Depending on the size of the county, each office may also be affiliated with a crime scene investigation unit.
To Protect and Serve
The primary job of the sheriff’s office is to protect the people under their jurisdiction.  These duties include:

  • Arresting lawbreakers and/or fugitives.
  • Transport prisoners to/from jails, prisons, or other institutions.
  • Keep the peace
  • Provide security and police presence to local court houses
  • Serve warrants in criminal and domestic cases
  • Conduct investigations into crimes committed
  • Enforce restraining orders
  • Creating/maintaining a list of Most Wanted criminals, where applicable

This is just a sampling of the many different duties that your local Sheriff’s department takes care of every single day.
Prisoner Transport
The local Sheriff’s office is responsible for the transportation of all prisoners within its jurisdiction.  This includes moving criminals to and from the country jail for court appearances, and transporting them to prison, if needed, after a conviction is finalized. It also includes the transportation of mentally ill and/or dangerous patients, as well as the movement of those in juvenile lockup.
Not All about Crime
Not everything theses detectives and officers do is about the criminals that they arrest or the crimes that they stop.  The sheriff’s office of a county is also responsible for organizing sales and auctions of confiscated inventory.  This often includes small items like electronics and jewelry, as well as larger items like cars and even homes and property. These items were most likely confiscated from a crime scene and if they are not needed as evidence, they can be sold. The funds from these sales and auctions can be used in one of two ways.  It can be held to help fund the office, or the more likely scenario, it can be donated.
Gun Safety

Gun safety is one the most important jobs of the Sheriff’s department.  Not only is the department responsible for issuing concealed weapons permits and the licenses needed to sell firearms in the county, they may also offer a variety of free gun safety classes for children and adults.
Many offices will also host the firearms safety courses that are a prerequisite for obtaining a concealed weapons permit.  These courses are recommended for anyone who uses firearms, not just those who are seeking to obtain their licensing.
This is just a general summary of the services that are offered by the Sheriff’s departments in Pennsylvania.  The exact details may vary from county to county.  If you have any questions concerning the roles and responsibilities of your sheriff, please call your local office.