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If you are searching for Pennsylvania assets, properties, real estate, or other valuables then the following resources will get you on your way to do an asset search in Pennsylvania. Search for Pennsylvania corporations and owners and officers of corporations. Search professional licenses in Pennsylvania to find people or to verify their licenses. Search for vehicles registered in Pennsylvania.

Also if you are searching for unclaimed property and valuables then you can start your search and find unclaimed properties in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Asset Search Areas to Note
There are a number of reasons why you might want to complete an asset search.  You might be looking to hire someone in a sensitive role or you want to merge with another company.  Knowing as much as you can about a person or company that you are working with is very important and ensures that you are not in for a shock later on.  There are a number of areas that you should consider looking at when you complete an asset search. Or sometimes in business litigation, divorce or other disputes asset search is integral part of proposing a fair settlement or for collections.

Real Property
Most people assume that looking at the property a company or person owns would be the most logical stop in an asset search.  What these people do not realise is that other hide property from search and getting the net value of the property is actually quite difficult.  However, there are a couple of ways that you can get this information in an asset search.
One of the best ways to find out about property that someone or a company may have is through personal interviews.  Talking to colleagues, neighbours and associates of the person you are doing business with can offer you a wealth of information.

Looking for Shell Companies
Shell companies are often used by businesses and people looking to hide the true net value of their assets.  One of the ways that you can locate these shell companies is through secretary of state filings.  Of course, you will need to have an idea of what you could be looking for before you start on the records. 

Look at UCC Filings
Many people do not consider or even know about the UCC filings that they can look at.  If they do know about this many people assume that this is not open to the public, but this is actually false as anyone can look at these filings.  The UCC filing is an agreement between a corporation and financial institute where collateral will need to be posted in order to get a loan.  A review of these filings can tell you about the high value items that have been posted for collateral as well as the potential loan problems a company may have.

Checking Civil Litigation
Most people do not think that an asset search should include civil litigation records.  The reason why people think this is that they assume these cases will not have anything to do with the assets of a company.  However, there are a couple of things that you can learn when you check these records.
The first fact is whether or not there are a lot of cases against the company.  The court records will also tell you if any large sums where awarded to the company.  The network of professionals that a company creates during litigation can also give you a clue to who they might be using to cover up assets now.
There is a lot you can learn when you complete an asset search.  However, you should consider looking at some of the more obscure areas to get all the information that you need.  Many companies are able to hide assets from regular asset searches, but not from these other asset searches. 


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